Clinically validated, easy to clean and adjust – hands on experience with the UM-102
(at Royal North Shore Hospital, Australia)

Royal North Shore Hospital is located in the south east of Australia, in a northern suburb of Sydney.

Location of Royal North Shore Hospital

UM-102 hybrid sphygmomanometers are now used in the Hypertension and Stroke Clinic at the Royal North Shore Hospital.

Ms. Helen Tully -Clinical Nurse in the Hypertension Clinic taking blood pressure with the UM-102

Dr. Liz Smith at Stroke Clinic uses the UM-102 with her patients every day and is satisfied with its usability. She particularly enjoys the ease at which she can adjust the display as she changes display angle very frequently before taking measurements.

Easy display adjustment

The body and cuff of the UM-102 are chemical resistant and easy to clean with the antiseptic solutions. Dr. Smith noted that she cleans main unit and cuff every week with ethanol.

Of the many benefits of using the UM-102, clinical validation was a critical reason for the selection of the UM-102 at Royal North Shore Hospital.