UM-211 All-in-one Blood Pressure Monitor

The UM-211 is an All-in-one Blood Pressure Monitor. This device contains all of highly demanded features necessary for medical settings such as dual measurement mode (auscultatory and oscillometric), rechargeable battery, large display with backlight and room temperature display.

UM-211's auscultatory mode is designed for daily and frequent use. Selectable deflation speed (2.5mmHg / sec. or 5.0mmHg / sec.) and quick start for auscultatory mode are features 'Only from A&D'.

The UM-211 All-in-one Blood Pressure Monitor is suitable for multiple locations and multiple applications.

Stored and charged at nurse station
Easy to carry
Measurement at ward

Auscultatory mode and marking function

You can mark specific values like systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Rechargeable battery

The rechargeable battery helps you to operate continuously in remote places. A fully charged battery provides up to 300 measurements.

Large LCD display with backlight

The display can be seen easily in the dark.

Stand-by display
(Room temperature)
Measurement display
(with backlight)

Adjustable inflation pressure

You can choose inflation pressure from AUTO, 220, 250 and 280.
The adjusted pressure shortens inflation time and makes measurement more comfortable.

Irregular HeartBeat (IHB) Indicator

The symbol lights when an IHB (Irregular Heart Beat) is detected during the measurement.

User Review

UM-211 praised for accuracy and auscultatory measurement mode

Dr. Chan at Yan Chai Hospital, one of the largest public hospitals in Hong Kong, is impressed by the auscultatory measurement mode of the UM-211.

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Measurement method Oscillometric measurement and Auscultatory measurement with stethoscope
Measurement range Pressure: 0 - 299mmHg
Pulse: 40 - 200 beats / minute
Measurement accuracy Pressure: ±3mmHg, Pulse: ±5%
Power supply AC 100V - 240V (Rechargeable Battery)
Battery life Approx. 300 measurements
Memory storage Last 99 measurements
Operating conditions +5°C to 40°C / 10%RH to 85%RH/800hPa to 1060 hPa
Transport / Storage conditions -20°C to +60°C / 10%RH to 95%RH
Dimensions Approx. 120<W> x 200<H> x 140<D>mm
Weight Approx. 550g (Unit without Battery)
Standard accessories Adult Cuff (22-32cm), Battery Pack, AC Adaptor, AC Cable
Options CUF-KS-LL: LL Cuff (41-50cm)
CUF-KS-LA: Large Adult Cuff (31-45cm)
CUF-KS-A: Adult Cuff (22-32cm)
CUF-KS-SA: Small Adult Cuff (16-24cm)
CUF-KS-SS: SS Cuff (12-17cm)
UM-211-20: Battery Pack
TB-268: AC Adaptor
KO1886: AC Cable (A Plug)
KO1887: AC Cable (C Plug)
KO1888: AC Cable (BF Plug)

Video - UM Series Concept

Solutions for Hospital-use

Durability & Easy-to-Clean

The body and cuff of the UM Series are chemical resistant and easy to clean with the antiseptic solutions(such as ethanol, chlorhexidine gluconate and benzalkonium chloride).

Fits Various Patients

The newly designed professional cuff of the UM Series ranges from SS to LL(5 sizes), 12cm to 50cm for the arm circumference.

Cuff Size Arm Size REF (for UM-102) REF (for UM-201)* REF (for UM-211)
SS 12cm to 17cm CUF-KW-SS - CUF-KS-SS
Small Adult 16cm to 24cm CUF-KW-SA CUF-KS-SA CUF-KS-SA
Adult 22cm to 32cm CUF-KW-A CUF-KS-A CUF-KS-A
Large Adult 31cm to 45cm CUF-KW-LA CUF-KS-LA CUF-KS-LA
LL 41cm to 50cm CUF-KW-LL - CUF-KS-LL
  • *Adult, Large Adult and Small Adult (3 sizes) are available for use with UM-201.

Easy to Store & Easy to Carry

In order to safely and securely carry the device, a cuff holder and grip for carrying are available for the UM Series. Highly convenient to carry from room to room, patient to patient.

  • Cuff Holder
  • Grip for Carrying
UM-102 A-Type
UM-102 B-Type