Can you change the display angle of your sphygmomanometer?

Traditional mercury sphygmomanometers have a fixed display angle at 90°. This angle has to be kept to assure proper mercury movement inside the column.

As shown in a user review of the UM-102 from Australia ( shows, the adjustable display angle of hybrid sphygmomanometer supports simple analysis of daily measurements.

Easy display adjustment

When you open the display to 180°, you can also enjoy effortless battery replacement.

Easy battery replacement

The adjustable display angle is a big advantage of using a hybrid sphygmomanometer, however not every brand on the market is available with this important feature. Some devices have a fixed display angle at 90° like mercury sphygmomanometers.

When you choose a hybrid sphygmomanometer, please ask 'Can I change the display angle on this sphygmomanometer?'.