Tokyo Medical Association to collect mercury sphygmomanometers and thermometers

In September 2016, the Tokyo Medical Association will begin collection of mercury sphygmomanometers and thermometers at medical institutions.

On July 11, 2016, on their website the Tokyo Medical Association called for members to collect mercury sphygmomanometers and thermometers. According to their plan, the voluntary collection will be carried out in the month of September in following way.

Period : September 1st to 30th, 2016

Method : Bring mercury sphygmomanometers and thermometers to regional medical association offices (members) or bring to the Tokyo Medical Association office. (nonmembers)

Disposal fee :

*Mercury sphygmomanometer
Members - @JPY2,160 (about US$20)
Nonmembers -@JPY4,320 (about US$40)
*Mercury thermometer
Members - @JPY1,080 (about US$10)
Nonmembers - @JPY2,160 (about US$20)

To ensure safe collection, mercury sphygmomanometers and thermometers should be brought directly to the medical association office. Other methods like mailing or delivery are prohibited. These devices will be stored at the medical association office until collection period ends. Then they will be collected by a designated carrier and will be disposed properly by specialized mercury processing and disposal personnel.

This voluntary collection costs more than the disposal fee, however it is much more reasonable and the process is easier than requesting mercury processing and disposal personnel oneself. The Tokyo Medical Association recommends that medical institutes take advantage of this voluntary collection.

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