What is auscultatory measurement in digital blood pressure monitor?

Most health care workers are familiar with digital blood pressure monitors and auscultatory measurement with stethoscopes.

However, some people feel that having an auscultatory measurement mode in a digital blood pressure monitor is unnatural. This is because auscultatory measurement and digital measurement are thought to have contradictory meanings.

Why is auscultatory measurement mode available in some digital blood pressure monitors? -For example, the UM-211 (A&D Medical) provides dual measurement modes and automatic and auscultatory. Doctors regularly use the automatic measurement mode and they feel the UM-211 is accurate and reliable.

Doctors only use auscultatory mode when they want to double-check the results with a stethoscope. They think this process is essential in some specific cases. Therefore auscultatory mode is a decisive reason to choose a blood pressure monitor.

For more details of auscultatory mode and the unique features of the UM-211, please check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faEMOLRnwgM(starts at around 05:00).